UV Resistant Hdpe Flange Guards are strap type flange guards made from UV Stabilised High Density Polyethylene sheets. These sheets are specially manufactured at the order of INDANA. These Flange Shields are extensively used in chemical & pharmaceutical industries due to its excellent resistance to chemicals & acids. These HDPE Flange Guard have very high mechanical strength & resistance to wear & tear.

The creation of HDPE is a mystery in itself. Three patents were filed from 1951 to 1953 by Paul Hogan and Robert banks of Phillips, A.Zletz of Standard Oil and Karl Ziegler of Max Planck Institute. It is interesting to note that Prof. Karl Ziegler had received a Noble Prize for his findings on polymers. After years in court finally patent was granted to Hogan and Banks of Phillips in 1983. The initial production process of Polyethylene required massive pressure from twenty thousand to thirty thousand PSI.A new process was developed using few hundred PSI of pressure by Hogan and Banks which led to the invention of High Density Polyethylene.

HDPE is lightweight and very strong. Milk jugs that carry a gallon of milk are made up of just two ounces of HDPE. Even car manufacturers make Fuel Tanks of HDPE resulting in increase fuel efficiency. It is an essential product used in manufacturing by medical and health industries. HDPE meets USDA and FDA certification of having properties of being non-toxic and non staining and can be used in food processing. Typical properties of HDPE have good moisture and impact resistance, high resistance to chemicals, flexible, UV resistance and high tensile strength. For this reason, we use HDPE To manufacture high qality flange guards for safety from spray outs.

Flange guard manufactured from HDPE by us at Indana are strap type in design with a fastener for tightening. Hdpe flange guard is held to the flange by multigrip extensions. These also act as a pressure diffusing mechanism in the spray shield & creates the required space for the liquid in case of a spray out to be discharged successfully. HDPE Flange Guards for pipe joints & extension joins serve its purpose as excellent acid spray guards. All HDPE Flange Guard available in the market are look like but this does not implies that they are all the same. HDPE Flange guards manufactured by INDANA have an actual thickness in excess of 1mm while most of the substandard copy of our Hdpe Flange Guard claim the same but have an actual thickness of 0.8 mm. This compromises the structural strength of the HDPE flange guards and its pressure taking ability and resulting in twenty percent more profit for the competitor but a huge risk of Accidents for the factories.

For us safety of our customers and their manpower is the utmost priority. All our HDPE flange guards are UV resistant and will not degrade when exposed to sunlight. Non UV guards will degrade and crack in few months once exposed to sunlight.We should always do a check on the fastener in the Safety splash guard used for tightening as most of the times you will see that substandard HDPE Flange Guards come with fastener which have tightening problem. This results in the flange guard being loosely held to the flange with limited performance and at at times unwanted accidents happening. All our fasteners are double checked for proper tightening before being dispatched to a facility.Our Flange guards come with a free replacement guarantee for 2 years.

Lastly the product pricing is very reasonable and cheapest in the Indian market.We believe in giving our Customers a better product at even better prices. Indana Flange Guards are uncompromising on quality.Flange Guards are starting from 82 INR for 1/2 inch Flange Guards. Always ask for dealer's or end user's discount. info@indanasteel.com

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Description: Great Quality & excellent design of HDPE Flange Guards with UV Resistance. Effectively diffuses spray & provides extra grip. Rating: 5 out of 5