How to install Flange Guards & Spray Shields

We have designed our flange guards in such a way that it can be easily installed and removed in seconds even by a lawman. These can be done by a Layman. There are three types of design and their installation instructions are given below.

Fabric Shields

Firstly, place the Flange Guard symmetrically on the flanges and fasten it with the velcro. Make sure that the litmus patch is on the outside.

There are ropes on the side of the guards. Bring them together & pull them firmly. This will fold the guards cover the nut bolts. Always remember to tie the ropes in a square knot as these wont get loose under pressure. PLease do not pull the rope backward as it might damage the shield

Stainless Steel Shields

Place the shield on the flange such that the flange is in the center of the shield. Now wrap the guard on the flange and put the double locking latch in one of the slots. Make sure that you choose the slot which gives a snug finish i.e. Neither too tight or loose. Then pull the back locking lever back to lock the guard. It generally takes roughly 20 secs to install a guard.

HDPE Shields

Wrap the HDPE flange guard around the flange see to it that the center of the guard is aligned to the center of the flange joint. The fastener head should be facing inside the belt. Make sure all the four orange holders are secured to the flanges. This prevents the guard from slipping off the flanges. Insert the threaded portion of the bolt in any of the given holes and tighten the nut securely. Do not tighten the flange guard very tightly to prevent pressure buildup. During maintenance untighten the nut and take the belt slowly of the bolt. Remove the guard and release all the Orange holders. After completing maintenance put the flange guard back on.

*No maintenance required for HDPE flange guard