What is a Flange Guard Tape Dangerous?

Ensuring Safety Of The Piping System Is Challenging For Industries. With Numerous Solutions Available To Make, The Right Choice Is Equally Important. Flange Safety Ensures Safety Of Your High Value Equipment And Manpower. Initially, SOLAS Had Recommended Flange Guard Tape In Ships And One Of The Critical Reason Is Limited Or Very Tight Space In Ship Engine Rooms. Flange Tapes Offer Very Limited Protection. However Using The Flange Guard Tape In Industries Can Be Fatal As The Temperature, Pressure Or Simply The Corrosive Nature Of The Liquid Can Do Render The Tape Ineffective. We Have Tried To List Out Some Of The Many Challenges Of The Guard Tape. This Is Not To Sell You Our Flange Guards But To Make You Understand The Absolute Cost Of A Cheap Limited Protection Flange Guard Tape. As A Sourcing Manager You Should Focus At The Cost In Totality Of A Solution.

The Following Characteristics Make The Spray Tape Unusable In Industries:

1) Adhesives Used In Flange Guard Tapes Have Performance Issue With Respect To High Temperature And Numerous Process Liquids.

2) Easily Subject To External Damage.

3) Will Not Be Able To Handle Large Volume Leak.

4) Used For Only Small Diameter Flanges.

5) Mist Formation Will Lead To Flammable Atmosphere.

6) Low UV Resistance Period Generally 6 Months.

7) Faster Detioration Of The Flange Guard Tape And The Adhesive Will Lead To Unplanned Maintanece And Increase In Downtime And Total Maintenance Cost.

8) In Extreme Corrosion Environment Where The Structure Corrosion Is High Tapes Will Peel Off Or Leak Because Of The Displacement.

9) To Apply The Tape Flange Preparation Like Cleaning The Flanges And Surface Is Required Whereas No Such Preparation Is Required In Case Of Flange Shield.

10) Tapes Cannot Be Used On Complex Shapes And Access To Bolts May Result In Cutting Of Tapes.

11) "Bullet Leaks" May Happens Because Of Peeling Of The Tape Due To Pressure At Which Liquid Is Pumped In Piping System.

12) At Times Flange Tape Becomes Brittle Because Of High Temperature Around The Flanges And Chip Off.

13) At Industries Where The Flange Is Painted Any Peel Of In The Paint Will Lead To The Loosening Of Tape.

14) Because Of Early End Of Life Any Failure In The Flange Tape May Lead To Serious Injury.

Flange Guards Or Flange Safety Shields Are Easy To Use,Safe And Zero Maintenance Solutions. We Strongly Believe That We Should Try To Solve The Challenges Faced By Our Customers And Not Try To Be One.

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