We are putting some figures to understand the extent of damage pipeline & incidents lack of spray safety have caused. In total 4215 incidents have happened resulting in 470 human injuries and property damage of USD 3.4 billion since 2010. This data is based on the cumulative pipeline incidents as per PHMSA report in the US. Out of this more than 1400 incidents have happened alone because of the equipment failure. Other significant reason being improper material,welding corrosion & lack of spray shields. These causes make up almost two third of the reported incidents.

Common causes of a flange or joint leak in a pressurised piping system are substandard bolting and gasket material, lack of preventive maintenance, improper alignment of flanges, process line vibrations, thermal deformation and improper bolt tensioning.

As these piping lines carry service liquids at high pressure, flange leaks are often in form of jet spray & mist formation. This type of spray out causes serious injuries to manpower and damages nearby equipment. It should also be noted that it is operationally very difficult to handle a spray out without spray shields or flange guards that diffuses the pressurised splash. When a worker is working in an unsafe environment,the fear of life in the back of his Mind decreases his productivity and overall efficiency. Whereas a damaged equipment may take months to replace and come at a significant cost.

When you are planning to buy safety shields the most important point that should be looked at is wether the safety shields will serve its purpose. Spray shields may come to you at a very low cost but without proper functionality it is only a "COST."

Indana suggest spray shields as per your process liquid concentration,temperature,Flange pressure rating and environment. All our spray shields have been optimised for proper functioning, cost, Zero maintenance and prolonglife. It takes less then a minute to secure the flanges with a safety shield and yes...you don't have to dismantle your flanges. During maintenance of flanges you may dismantle the spray shield and fit it back again in 60 seconds.Spray shields manufactured by us can be used multiple times as and when required. They have been made to perform.We also support square flanges. We manufacture tailor made spray guards & flange spray shields. info@indanasteel.com

Safety Spray Shield

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