ASTM a193 B7 Grade

ASTM 193 B7-Studs Are Heavily Used In Petroleum And Chemical Construction Industries. The ASTM 193 B7 Covers Alloy Steel And Stainless Steel Bolting Materials & Fasteners For High Temperature And High-Pressure Application. B7 Stud Is Used In Pressure Vessels, Valves, Flanges, And Fittings.

We Are A Globally Recognised B7 Studs Manufacturers ( ASTM193 ) Are A Manufactured By Us.We Manufacture A193 B7 Studs Of 1/5 Diameter To 5 Diameter. The Threaded B7 Studs Are Available In Multiple Coating & Plating. We Also Stock An Inventory Of Standard & Custom Sized B7 Studs To Meet Your Urgent Requirements & Ship The Stud Bolts In Just 24 Hours When Your Customer Needs B7 Studs Urgently:

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We offer the following coating on our B7 Studs:

1) Black Oxide B7-Stud Bolts
2) Plain surface B7-Stud Bolts
3) Hot Dip Galvanized B7 Studs Bolts
4) Zinc plated (Clear) B7 Studs Bolts
5) Yellow Zinc plated B7 Studs Bolts
6) Silver Cadmium plated B7-Studs Bolts
7) Yellow Cadmium plated B7-Studs Bolts
8) Xylan Coated B7 Studs Bolts
9) Mechanical Galvanized B7 Studs Bolts

We provide quality domestic manufactured A193 B7 Stud with complete B7 Material Test Reports (MTRs) of the Studs and plating or coating test results. We also manufacture all the required including A194 2H Hex Nuts & Heavy Hex Nuts; Flat washers and lock washers in the various varieties.

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ASTM193 B7 Stud Porperty

We are also Manufacturers of B16 Stud

INDANA STEEL PVT LTD is one of the very 1st manufacturers of B7 Studs Bolt. We have our B7 studs manufacturing & conversion units across India for export & shipping. Due to our large scale of operations, we are able to provide a very high quality of B7 Studs at a very competitive price.

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