UV Resistant HDPE flange guards are an excellent choice of flange guards because of the chemical & mechanical properties of HDPE. HDPE is being used since decades to carry hazardous waste,chemicals,compressed gases and waste water. Some of the advantages HDPE poses :

Corrosion resistance-It offers better resistance to acid,bases and salts then most of the other piping material.Also unaffected by bacteria and fungi. Excellent water Hammer characteristics
Negligible maintenance cost
Light weight
Non stick surface -This eliminates scaling and putting against the smooth surface.
Environmental corrosion resistance is much better of HDPE then any other thermoplastic.
Compatible with most of the BIO-fuels as no surface quoting is required.
Apart from this Known advantages are waterproof,non-conductive and crack resistant.

HDPE has a poor resistance to UV
Initially during numerous facility visits,we observed that most of the flange guard manufacturers were selling non-uv HDPE flange guards and the HDPE flange guards were below 1 mm thickness.
This was being done because of two reasons :
1.They had insufficient knowledge about the UV characteristics of HDPE and product as a whole.
2.Improper thickness and Non-UV resulting in Early stage cracking of HDPE in sun light.Thus Leading to significant increase in consumption cycle.

So this was the major hurdle when we started sourcing raw material for manufacturing HDPE flange guards.As we were not willing to undergo quality compromises. We started using Tailor made UV resistant HDPE specially rolled for our customers.This gave us a strategic advantage that all our HDPE Flange guards are of same thickness and UV resistance.
All of our Customers have an increase in product life expectancy by 3X.The cost to the company has come down significantly in form of lower consumption,Maintenance,installation and transportation. Our HDPE flange guards are very reasonably priced.Infact our Customer centric approach is reflected in our pricing.

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