Any process industry consists of a huge piping network. These lines undergo a lot of physical fatigue daily. This sometimes leads to flange failure & cause it to spray out the hazardous chemicals & hot fluids at high pressure which in turn leads to injury of workforce & damage of equipments. To prevent these complications, Flange guards are installed on Flange Joints to contain the spray outs & eliminate any spray related injury or damage.

As you can see in the picture, Box type PP Flange Guards are designed to completely enclose the flanges including the stud bolts & nuts. PP Box Type Flange Guards are made from UV Resistant/Stabilized Polypropylene. UV Stabilization gives enhances the life of these flange guards.

These Box Type Flange Guards are easy to install. A single box flange guard comprises of two equal halves. These halves are placed on the flanges from the opposite sides & are locked with the help of simple bolts on the edges.

The Box Type Plastic Flange Guard is extremely efficient in providing protection spray outs & sudden splashes. These PP Box Type Flange Guards have a three fold built-in safety mechanism which completely dissipates the pressure of splash & provides maximum protection to the working staff & expensive equipment.

1) These guards completely cover the flanges from the sides including the stud bolts. This eliminates the risk of any lateral spray out escaping from the guards. This enclosed setup of the PP Box Type Flange Guards also removes any risk of mist formation.

2) The circular design of the box ensures that the splash smoothly moves around the wall of the flange guard. This helps in gradual & effective reduction of pressure & minimizes & risk of spillage.

3) These PP Box Type Flange Guards can contain & collect liquids up to a certain volume. Leakage from flanges joints carrying combustible fluid lines like oil & fuel lines which are directly placed above hot surfaces & electrical equipment. Is a potential fire hazard. These flange Guards contains the splash & prevents it from dripping on these lines.

These flange guards are also available with drains which can drain the leak to a safe disposal bin.

At INDANA, Your safety is our priority. Lastly the product pricing is very reasonable and cheapest in the Indian market. We believe in giving our Customers a better product at even better prices. Indana Flange Guards are uncompromising on quality.

PP Box Type Flange Guards
Description: PP Box Type Flange Guards by Indana have a higher life when compared to others we have used in the past.
Written by: Mr. D Shah
5 out of 5

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